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Robert Kaindl is our featured “Glass Artist” and he has often orchestrated several of our sophisticated and exceedingly difficult high-end productions.

Robert KaindlKaindl has been extremely fortunate to train under and work with some of the world’s most well-known glass artists.

Even in this short time, Kaindl has focused on driving his skills set by the pure desire to develop and create without abandon.   His passion for hot glass and remarkable natural talents helps guide his dedication.  His exciting works range from complex projects to leading edge large-scale art glass works themselves.  His ability to create extremely beautiful custom pieces for his clients have been based on his vision and creative imagination, unique use of design skills, prospective of color and texture concepts, along with communicating his demands to his teams while understanding of the scale and scope of the project.

Kaindl's exciting works are beginning to command a wider range of creations. Daunting glass projects and risky creative concepts have not even eluded his capture.  His unrelenting demands and groundbreaking creations have inspired new concepts. Pushing the limits along the way for the continual pursuit of furthering the developments of contemporary glass art are well within his sight.

Kaindl is continuously attempting to replicate the creative pursuit of flawless glass expressionism.  Of which, persistently challenges his limits of strength while allowing himself pause for the sheer enjoyment of his next inspired artistic accomplishment.

Maybe one day soon, he will pilot your next project...


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owner Robert Kaindl, also PGA Professional golfer       owner Robert Kaindl, also PGA Professional golfer

Robert Kaindl a plus scratch player at his home course in King County, of Washington State within the USA.  He logged his first year as a playing professional golfer in 1997.Robert Kaindl - trading card

Robert's  6'5" frame and weighing in at a fit 255 pounds Smashed Golf's World's Longest Driving Distance Record. This single, father of two has also built one of his region's most successful contracting businesses.   He learned to fly at the age of 12 when he had the distinction of being the nation's youngest student pilot, followed by being the youngest licensed fixed wing and turbine helicopter pilot as well. He also was an NBA  scrimmage player in 1981 and 1982 even though he never started playing basketball until the age of 20. In the early 80’s Robert also owned, produced and conducted vacationally oriented seminars on “Zippity Zoom”, his 82’ Columbia sailboat to conduct Promotional Public Speaking engagements on Motivation, Productivity and Business Theory.  Running a business, giving speeches, flying and being a NBA scrimmage player would be enough of a challenge for most of us.  Robert was seeking his next challenge and not surprisingly, golf beckoned.

Robert began playing golf late1995 at the age of 36, as a 12 handicapper.  His first game was a fluke 82. Golf was frustrating, loved it, hated it, but knew it presented and created individual pressure that he sought.  From the beginning, he could naturally drive the ball unheard of (okay, unseen and unforgettable) distances, but he wanted to play the game inspiringly, not just hit the ball out of sight but hit it straight down the fairway and out of sight. His handicap dropped to the plus side single digits and along the way so did the World Longest Driving Distance Record that still stands with his name today.

During a golf tournament at Coyote Lake Golf Course near Phoenix Arizona, Robert set the World’s Longest Driving Distance Record with a golf ball with his 448-yard, 2-feet, 6-inch blast carried and cut the corner over the water on the left side of the tight 10th hole 476-yard par-5.  Yes, he drove the par 5.  There was no tail wind and no elevation changes assisting with this undertaking.  He then made the four-foot putt for his only Double Eagle.  Then he followed with an Eagle on the tight 11th hole, a 337-yard par 4, then a amazing Birdie on the ensuing 12th hole 125-yard par 3, making that 3 hole sequence an extraordinary -6. Robert said that his swing was effortless and he is continuously trying to obviously replicate that elusive flawless swing that produced that inconceivable sequence of events.

world long drive championGolf for Robert has become more than just a passion; it’s become a serious pursuit. Now he competes for the significant prize money offered in most tour tournaments and long driving competitions along with the challenge of playing the world's best golfers and it’s longest hitters.  Despite his limited golf experience, with Longdriving contest club head speed exceeding 155 mph he has fared well in competition in conjunction with being a plus scratch player. Robert stated that now while playing tournament golf his competition distances are not as extreme as once experienced because accuracy and repeated risk rewards are yielding to extreme distances with distinct inconsistencies.  In Longdriving events, each competitor generally gets 6 balls of the same make to hit in a 40-yard wide grid and where the longest hitter wins. Robert is traveling extensively, often servicing as his own pilot to compete in PGA Tour and Longdriving golf events including staging Longdrive clinics and detailed demonstrations.  His success has yielded a number of high-end sponsorships that keep him active and in the golfing circles today.  Keep your eyes and ears open and maybe one day you will experience the attention that he continually commands.

The preceding was a publication written for Golf Magazine.  Seattle papers published it, and then this article caught the attention of the national publication “USA Today” and the "New York Times".


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